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I founded Inverse Theater with playwright Kirk Wood Bromley in 1998 to help disseminate as widely as possible the work of this extraordinary American talent. As Executive Director and dramaturge, I produced ten critically acclaimed plays, licensed productions from Los Angeles to London, published annotated editions of the works, and helped bring scores of stories and hundreds of Bromley’s unforgettable characters to life. While I’m no longer actively involved, the company continues to produce ground-breaking work.

Selected Press

“It rants and raves. It sparkles and shines. It’s language is sublime.” – The New York Times

“Inventive drama…sparkling score…perfect!” – The The New Yorker

“A cult classic.” “The Best Musical in the Fringe!” “An overflowing smorgasbord of verbiage and imagination…” – Time Out NY

“A wonderful blend of wordsmithing and wackiness.” – LA Times

“A bona fide modern classic.” – LA Weekly

“Extraordinary, brilliant…breathtaking…exhilarating.” – New York Theater Experience

“A quite extraordinarily brilliant piece of theater.” – What’s On London

“For originality, clarity and depth of vision, humor, and utter humanity, who can match this big-souled poet?” –

“A brilliant barrage of wordplay and low comedy…exceptional.” – San Francisco Bay Guardian

“Bromley is beyond reproach.” – Show Business

“Remarkably intelligent, complex, witty; could be on a comparative Shakespeare class syllabus.” – Time Out New York

“Bromley is the beloved Bard of Downtown theater.” – New York Magazine

“Startlingly clever and wise; in comparison, all prose plays seem facile.” – Back Stage

Lost – Written by Jessica Grace Wing and Kirk Wood Bromley and dramaturged and produced by Chad Gracia, this operatic musical won the Best Music award in the New York Fringe Festival and garnered rave reviews and sold-out crowds. The New Yorker called it “perfect.”

The Burnt Woman of Harvard – Written by Kirk Wood Bromley and produced by Chad Gracia. A tragedy.

The Death of Don Flagrante Delicto – Written by Kirk Wood Bromley and published and produced by Chad Gracia. Flagrante tells the tale of a plantation owner and his attempt to stage a play with his slaves.

The American Revolution – Written by Kirk Wood Bromley and dramaturged, published, and produced by Chad Gracia. A dramatic and historically accurate retelling of the birth of America.

Faust – Written by Kirk Wood Bromley with music and lyrics by Chris Sanderson and the Emmy nominated Chris Barron of the Spin Doctors. Chad Gracia produced a studio recording of the musical with Mr. Barron.

Twelfth Night – Produced in 1999, in repertory with Midnight Brainwash Revival.

Midnight Brainwash Revival – Written by Kirk Wood Bromley and dramaturged, published, and produced by Chad Gracia, this apocalyptic comedy draws on Twelfth Night as much as American millenarianism. The New York Times raved “it sparkles and shines!”

The Death of Griffin Hunter. Written by Kirk Wood Bromley and dramaturged, published, and produced by Chad Gracia. Reviewer Martin Denton called it “extraordinary… brilliant…breathtaking…exhilarating.”

Icarus & Aria – This reimagining of Romeo & Juliet was written by Kirk Wood Bromley and published, produced, and made into a short film by Chad Gracia.

Want’s Unwisht Work – A house of feminist study infiltrated by sex-starved rambling fanatics! Cross-dressers chasing nymphomaniacs thru peach orchards! Perverted psychotherapists hypnotizing students!

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